Image Specs




Hero Image - 2000 x 1120px

Feature 1 &  6 - 1200 x 550px

Feature 2, 3, 4 & 5 - 1000 x 1000px





Product images - 1600 x 1600px





Collection image - 1800 x 300px



Product Colors


Product Color Images - 30 x 30px 








Theme settings > Homepage


The large homepage hero image can be updated. 



The 6 homepage features have editable images, titles, and links.

To link to an internal page, omit the "" form the url and begin with a slash ( / ).


e.g. to link to a collection titled bags, you would enter /collections/bags

to link to an external site, use the full url, including the "http://"



The shop more link leads to the selected collection




Global Product Settings


Theme Settings > Global Product Settings


Products can be filtered and sorted on a collection page.


Products can be sorted by Price, Title, or how recently they were added.

Checking an option will allow the user to sort products by that parameter.



Product pages have a quantity selection dropdown.

You can edit the number of quantity options here.



The Product Page can display related products ( see more under Products ).

The text for the related product heading can be edited here.



Product Filters


Products can be filtered by Style and Color



Product Colors


Theme Settings > Product Colors


The Color Filter list is edited here. Each color should have a name and a color chosen.

Adding an image is optional. If an image is added, it will be used instead of the selected color.



Product Styles


Theme Settings > Product Styles


The Style Filter list is edited here. Each style just needs a name.



A color or style is attributed to a product using tags.

Enter the names of styles and/or colors from one of the filter lists ( more about filter lists above ).



If a product has a tag matching a color name from the filter list, the color's name will display on the product page.

Only one color will show if multiple tags are entered.





Online Store > Products


To add bullet points to the product description, use the bulleted list option.




All images will be shown on the product page.

The first image ( featured image ) will display on collection pages, search pages, related product sections, and in the cart.



The second image will display when the user hovers over the product.



Related products can be displayed at the bottom of a product page.

To add ( up to four ) related products, add a tag in the following format:




e.g. for a product titled Test Product, with a handle test-product, you would add related-test-product.


A product’s handle can be found at the bottom of a product page under edit seo.

It is usually the product title, all lowercase, with dashes in place of spaces.





Online Store > Products > Collections


If an image is added to a collection, it will display at the top of the collection.

On mobile, the center 1/3 of the image is displayed, so be sure to keep important content in that area of the image.






Online Store > Pages


A page will automatically display it’s title.

To add a heading, use the formatting button and select Heading 3.

Note that 1 return will break the text to a new line, and 2 returns will add a space between paragraphs.







Theme Settings > Footer


The social media urls can be edited here.





Theme Settings > Newsletter Signup


The Mailchimp action url can be changed to update which list the signup is used for.

Follow the link below the field for instructions on obtaining this url.


The newsletter popup title and close text are also editable here.